You’ve heard it. 60 is the new 40. 40 is the new 20. 90 is… well… it’s old…. so that one doesn’t quite work in this example. Disregard!

As I cross the threshold of my 30th birthday, I must admit that I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 3 months rehearsing and verbally regurgitating phrases that make 30 seem like “not such a big deal”. It’s just another day. No need to go crazy. I even said tried the whole “30 is the new 10” thing and realized that would mean 6th grade history class and middle school locker rooms…so, I’ll pass.

But why do we do that? Why does one age have to be the NEW anything else? It seems like we’re in some big rush to “get back there” or “move up there” only to realize that our THERE has now been renamed our HERE, and we aren’t satisfied with HERE either. Trust me, this is by no means a game of pointing my finger at you in shame. Because I do it too. I get excited about everything that’s happened and everything that I think will happen, but somehow miss the sure foundation of NOW.

So here’s the plan. 30 isn’t my new anything. I’m not going to view it through the lens of where I was ten years ago OR who I hope to be by the time my friends have to purchase those dumb black “over the hill balloons” for my party. 30 is my NOW. And right now, I’m grateful, and whole, and confident, and blessed, and hopeful, and humble.

My personal challenge for today is to simply let today be itself. Don’t devalue it. It has gifts that yesterday could’ve never imagined and tomorrow may never even experience. Today is our NOW, and that should be enough…

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